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An established India based international education consulting firm, Overseas Edvises works for students who wish to continue their educational dreams in the Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK and Singapore. It works with the founding principle
“To provide best career counseling to students desirous of settling abroad and making the transition smooth and hassle free”.

Established in 2008, we have spent over a decade specializing in different aspects of International Education and have forwarded number of ardent students to various esteemed institutions in different countries. We help them in finding the right course, at the right institution, and make sure that they gain admission quickly and securely. Our expertise, knowledge and contacts ensure that they achieve their ambitions, whether they choose to continue their education in Canada or elsewhere. We assist them with application and enrolments to all types of course, from short periods of language study, through to international foundation and pre-masters courses, and on to bachelors, masters and PhD degrees.

Overseas Edvises is located in the heart of city in Chandigarh, also known as the ‘City Beautiful’. The office is run by a director of impeccable integrity who has established himself in the education market. OE team includes a manager, visa filing team members, administrative staff, content writer and independent teams for various countries including senior counselor and counselors. They have been trained to design a blueprint of students’ dreams and goals, taking into consideration their individual qualifications, education, interests, and needs.

We, at Overseas Edvises, work hard to supply the highest quality services, which are specifically tailored to exactly meet each and every client’s needs. In order to remain updated, our staff also undertakes frequent face-to-face or skype trainings from the Indian Representatives of institutions. The end result is a highly personalized, reliable package delivered with the minimum of hassle for maximum satisfaction. Being unique, our services are fashioned to suit the needs of the individuals.

We provide personalized consulting on application procedures, documentation, qualifications, requirements, and deadlines.

    Personalized consulting means ensuring the student understands his or her abilities, skills, talents, interests, personality, and learning style. Accordingly, our team suggests appropriate language schools, colleges or universities as well as major and minor academic programs for each student. We also advise on testing plans and timelines for the application process.
    We plan and draw the academic road map with respect to a student’s abilities, skills, talents, interests, personality, financial concerns and learning style. We find the schools that match the student’s educational background and future plans.
    Documentation is a complex procedure. Although schools identify the specific required documents for their applicants, each student needs to complete an application package with respect to his/her unique educational background and future career plans.
    Time lines or timing, meanwhile, is extremely important when a student is planning his or her educational career in Canada. We help students meet all application deadlines. We also advise on the time frames for different application procedures for the students.
    We advise students through the transition to college, setting them up for success once they are ready to leave home. We also consult about the internal culture of the schools, instructors’ general expectations, assignments, school activities, students associations, etc.
    We also advise for separate scholarship and assistantship applications during the overall application procedures. For us, the real success in consulting on international education is helping to secure scholarships and find open assistantship positions for our students.

Further, our consulting expertise includes:
(1) cultural considerations,
(2) understanding the institutions from a foreign point of view vis-à-vis adjustment issues,
(3) how different universities approach international recruiting and care for their students throughout the process,
(4) financial concerns,
(5) obtaining student visas, and
(6) transitioning to foreign institutions from India.

We have been providing assistance to students regarding education in many since the birth of company. Our aim is to represent only selected and choicest institutions. Our target market is whole of India, and also on-shore applicants in various countries. We send over 200 students annually abroad out of which 70% opt for undergraduate degrees and diplomas. And our marketing efforts include advertising through newspapers, e-marketing, etc.

We accept no fees from students, and so our service is totally impartial and focused on providing the lasting and most effective results.