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Overseas Edvises is a one-stop solution for all education, visa, and career requirements worldwide.

Our dedicated team of expert counselors is well equipped and rapt to comprehend the challenges associated with the complex process of resettlement. The team at Overseas Edvises assists students to find the right and legal track to the land of their dreams worldwide. The students are provided with a career-graph that blends their efforts, in order to achieve their goals. We also have professional affiliations with ICEF, ENZ, Association of Professional & Educational Consultants of India, Aussie Specialist, UNI Agents, and Study World.

Education Abroad

It can become extremely difficult to choose the most suitable option with an increasing number of reputed institutions across the world opening their doors for Indian students. Hence it becomes essential to narrow down on that one institution that would cater to all your needs. We at Overseas Edvises, with our expert team of professional counselors, works closely with you to recommend the most appropriate courses for you in keeping with your personal circumstances, your potential and your career aspirations. We are familiar with hundreds of courses offered by institutions around the world, and we are able to guide you through a careful selection process; thus making the overall procedure smooth and hassle-free

Admission Counselling

We plan and draw the academic road map with respect to a student’s abilities, skills, talents, interests, personality, financial concerns and learning style. We find the schools that match the student’s educational background and future plans.
Based on the course and institution of your choice, we are responsible for ensuring that your applications are complete and processed through the right channels. We organize your admission offer letters for you before taking you through the visa process.

Visa Applications

Applying for a study visa is not an easy task. But with the assistance of OE counselors, it can become a simple procedure. We help you with the entire Visa process that includes filling up applications, compiling financial statements and much more. We are regularly advised by the consulates about the latest Visa documentation and rules and have a success rate of over 99%. One of the special services that we offer is the prudence in ‘mock visa interviews’, where our ‘visa counselors’ interview and orient students, on the frequently asked questions. At the end of the mock visa interview, they inform them about the do’s and don’ts of the final interview.

We help you through the entire Visa process like filling up applications, preparing financial statements, visa correct documents to avoid inadvertent delay or rejection and also guidance and training for mock interviews and much more. What students and parents appreciate most is that these services are offered promptly, and professionally.

Overseas Edvises are authorised to issue Overseas Student Health Cover Policies by NIB Australia. Health Cover Policy is compulsory for International Students. Get in touch for more details.

We also offer support services for Course Selection, Institution Selection, Offers & Admissions in Universities / Colleges, Visa Assistance, Scholarship Assistance, Formal Assessment of skills; Language testing; Medical checks; Security checks; Appeals; and Reviews. Thus an applicant, utilizing the services of Overseas Edvises, not only achieves the desire to emigrate, but also gets his hands on extensive information allowing him to integrate smoothly and embrace his future, making him proud to consider his new country as ‘Home’. We claim high success rate due to our track record and our professional management of applications. Thus our best publicity media is our growing “satisfied customer clientele”.

We aim to listen to needs and advice honestly, and impartially as to the correct and most beneficial route to success. As a result we attract the very best talent within education and have an unrivaled knowledge and network within the Canada’s educational systems, enabling us to advice at every age group and curricula along a student’s academic journey.

Our service is totally transparent and focused on providing the lasting and most effective results.